B.Box Evo. High quality, comfortable, elegant. It’s got everything. Including an elegant design.

    The B.Box Evo effortlessly opens up the world of BEMER therapy with its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and high-resolution touchscreen display. The built-in ambient light ring framing the display tells you the B.Box's current status via different colors, and the updated loudspeaker provides crystal-clear music and voiceover audio. With the new, durable, wear-optimized magnetic connectors, you can connect two applicators of your choice to the control unit, which easily attaches to the B.Box stand or wall mount via built-in magnets. The stand also comes with an integrated battery so you can get your BEMER sessions in on the go—another brand new feature that makes optimizing your health a breeze!

    Lets your B.Box Evo show its best side.

    B.Box Evo Stand

    The B.Box Evo is a real eye-catcher. Especially when stylishly presented on the elegant B.Box Evo Stand. It allows the Box to be placed on a level surface – easily and without tools thanks to the magnetic attachment. This orientation also makes it even easier to operate. “User-friendly” has seldom looked so good. The B.Box Evo Battery Stand is the ideal addition if you want to remain flexible and enjoy the BEMER therapy in your favorite “off-grid” location. It powers the B.Box Evo by means of a powerful Li-ion battery.

    It's what's inside that counts—a difference you can hear.

    Close up on the B.Box Evo's high-quality speaker

    To ensure your BEMER delivers our proven therapeutic signal as smoothly as possible, we outfitted the B.Box Evo with a new and more powerful processor, which you'll notice as soon as you turn it on. Thanks to the high-quality loudspeaker with improved audio and voiceover functionality, the new B.Box Evo speaks to your senses, and you can literally hear it. For an added level of comfort and relaxation, you can turn on your choice of relaxing music during your BEMER session to immerse yourself even further in

    Our lightbulb—or lightbulbs—moment

    Rear view of the B.Box Evo

    As you navigate with your B.Box Evo control unit, you'll notice different colors show up depending on the status of the device. As your device wakes up, you'll see a slowly-brightening white light. Orange is a warning—for example, a disconnected cable. And finally, red, a color we hope you never see, which indicates an error. Pulsating blue light at the start of a session is your cue to begin a calming breathing technique—inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 7. Light inspires us, informs us, and affects our emotions. It soothes us, and the B.Box Evo's ambient light will take your BEMER experience to the next level.

    B.Box Evo – touch display with hand

    We completely redesigned the B.Box Evo's interface with one thing in mind: user-friendliness. Customizing your BEMER therapy session is as easy as choosing your intensity level (low, medium, or high) and selecting from three pre-installed programs (P1, P2, or P3). In expert mode, you have the option to save your favorite intensity and program combinations in up to three memory slots. And, of course, you can control your light therapy sessions with the B.Light Clear and B.Light Restore from the B.Box Evo as well.

    We completely redefined our standards of quality, materials, and user-friendliness—the B.Box Evo is the result.

    Active life – woman on balcony with B.Body
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