Learn about the science behind BEMER and the positive effects of PEMF Therapy.

    The Human Body Is The Marvel, BEMER Simply Helps It Do What It Does Naturally

    The Human Body Is the Marvel

    Blood is the body’s universal means of transport; oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies are healthier and function properly.​ Many physical discomforts and impairments are directly related to diminished circulation. This is because healthy circulation is the cornerstone of health! Without good blood flow, you simply cannot be at your best.​ BEMER’s patented signal has been scientifically shown to temporarily improve blood flow in healthy muscles. Improving local circulation within the muscle tissue is vital for optimal muscle function and performance.

    The BEMER Difference

    Athletic couple using BEMER

    Improving Blood Flow

    Many physical discomforts are directly related to poor local circulation, which may lead to dysfunctional metabolic processes in the muscle tissue and inhibit optimal performance and recovery. Improved local blood flow can lead to a better oxygen supply, a better nutrient supply, and better disposal of metabolic waste.

    Stimulating Muscles to Enhance Performance

    Stimulating Muscles to Enhance Performance

    BEMER devices use induction to send therapeutic micro-currents to muscular tissue. Stimulating healthy muscles with this signal can support muscle conditioning, which may lead to more energy and vitality. And the best part? It’s non-invasive, drug-free, and safe to use. Blood is the body’s universal means of transport. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones), and immune cells are all transported through our circulatory systems. Using BEMER therapy to temporarily improve local blood flow in healthy muscles can boost muscle performance. Learn the science behind BEMER!

    Man using BEMER while reading a book

    Rest and Relaxation

    Restlessness can affect your physical performance, cognition, mood, energy levels, and much more. When you add BEMER to your daily routine, the healthy boost in blood flow helps kick your body’s regenerative process up a notch, improving your rest and speeding up your recovery times. Did you know... 60% of BEMER users reported feeling more energized when using BEMER daily over a 6-week period?

    Say Goodbye to Discomfort


    The procedure developed by BEMER can be used, among other things, to relieve tension-related back pain. Using a specially configured physical signal, targeted impulses are transmitted to the body to jump-start restricted microcirculation. This is the part of the circulatory system that ensures the supply of each individual cell in the body with the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients.*

    Sleep Better

    BEMER can even help with sleep disorders. How? The BEMER physical vascular therapy directly targets the microcirculation and can improve restricted blood flow and thus cell maintenance. It can promote relaxation processes and stress reduction. This makes it easier to fall asleep and generally alleviate sleep disorders. By using the BEMER mat, 9 out of 10 test subjects were able to sleep better.*


    Muscle Performance and Recovery

    The BEMER physical vascular therapy can also help here. Simply stretch out on the BEMER mat and your BEMER Set will do the rest. Our applications directly target the microcirculation. In this way, it can promote blood flow in the smallest vessels and support muscle regeneration. By the way, besides boosting your physical performance, BEMER can also reduce stress and strengthen your immune defenses.*


    BEMER's Impact on Blood Flow (Before & After)

    Explained by Dr. Joshua Berka, NMD, Medical Consultant

    Healthy blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to permeate the body. When blood flow is reduced, the body experiences poor circulation, which may lead to more serious health issues.

    The intricate design of the circulatory system houses the heart and nearly 120,000 kilometres of blood vessels, which work 24/7 to cycle blood throughout the body. BEMER positively impacts this process by increasing microcirculation. Watch the video to fully understand how BEMER positively impacts microcirculation and why it’s important for personal health and well-being.


    Although blood vessels may look like a complex series of tubes that carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, vessels are actually active, dynamic organs. Our research partners in Europe and Germany captured microvessels inside the human body before and after using the patented BEMER signal. These are the smallest blood vessels and are the same size as red blood cells, meaning they must shape-shift in order to pass.

    Prior to using the BEMER signal, the constriction of the microvessels are barely wide enough to allow single cells to pass at a time. This restricts and compromises the blood flow within the body.

    Once the BEMER signal is delivered, the difference in circulation is extreme. Cells are moving through the microvessels clearly, replenishing oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

    Quality products from Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland

    Precision. Perfection. Ingenuity. The proverbial attention to detail. If we decide to do something, we’re going to do it right. Making high-quality products with unique functionality is simply in our DNA.


    Since 1997, thousands of people have participated in studies and can speak to the effectiveness of BEMER therapy. Our innovative research has not only been received positively by our participants but also by the world’s foremost expert on microcirculation Dr. Rainer Klopp, who said, “BEMER is the most effective and widely researched physical therapy method available today.”


    Special Report: “Small Blood Vessels: Big Health Problems?”

    Read the Special Report from the (U.S.) National Institutes of Health that summarizes their two-day workshop with many of the nation’s top scientists and clinicians from the microvascular field.

    Read Study

    “The Human Microcirculation – Regulation of Flow and Beyond”

    Read the study that helps explain why microvascular dysfunction is a powerful predictor of cardiovascular events and new approaches for treatment and prevention.

    Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life.

    Evidence Based Science

    Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health. BEMER circulation therapy sends a low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body in order to safely stimulate local blood flow in healthy muscles to improve and facilitate muscle performance.

    Woman using the B.Body while reading outdoors

    Patented Signal

    The BEMER signal sets a new standard in the industry with its complex, carefully tuned configuration and timing. Nearly two decades of research and development have resulted in BEMER’s unique bio-rhythmically defined signal. This pulsed electromagnetic field is a feat of German engineering that’s protected by multiple worldwide patents and used exclusively by BEMER.



    Blood flow is the engine that keeps us going. The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping of the microvessels. It’s these tiny vessel that reach the most remote parts of our body.

    Medical Testimonials

    Medical Testimonials

    Find out what the Medical Experts have to say about BEMER Technology and the important role it can play in your life.

    BEMER USA LLC is a leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER Group North America, 1902 Wright Place, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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